No. 1 Medical Education
Consultants in India

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  • Apex Consultants is established in the year 2000 and today it is the No.1 Medical Education Consultants in India.

  • Apex is first Indian Medical Education Consultant to promote China MBBS since 2003 and have so far enrolled the highest number Indian students

  • Hundreds of our students have already passed MCI Screening Test and are successfully practicing as doctors in top corporate hospitals across India.

  • We are the only consultant in India having our MCI screening coaching institute, no one else. We guide our students with the best MCI screening coaching material right from the first year. This will enable them to pass the test in the very first attempt and save precious time as every attempt will cost them 6 more months.

  • Apex is very transparent in student recruitment since its inception. Apex is the only consultant which provides any number of student references of those who have already completed MBBS and of those presently studying in CHINA to the prospective student before the enrollment. No other consultants will do such things fearing their misdeeds.